Underlayment Products

Tolko ULAY®

White-Wood has been distributing Tolko Ulay® for about 20 years. Ulay® is a specially manufactured CSP and D-fir plywood panels that provide superior underlayment performance. It is an approved and specified CMHC™ underlayment. The 5/16” 4’x 8’ panel features a puncture proof core, and an exterior glue line. ULAY®’s limited warranty can be viewed on the Tolko website listed below.

Ultralayment OFB

White-Wood also distributes Ultralayment OFB. This product is an imported OFB (orientated fiberboard) which also has a warranty. Ultralayment OFB has a higher resin content than most similar products, and this, along with a waxed back, makes it more moisture resistant. We currently stock ¼” but, 3/8”is also available.

Meranti’s, and birch underlayment products are also available to meet the needs of our customers. 

Supplier Links:   

www.Tolko.com/u-lay               Tolko ULAY®