White-Wood Forest Products maintains a well balanced inventory of plywood and OSB panel products in our warehouses. We stock standard sizes of 4'x8' in most items, but also have sizes like 4'x10' up to 5'x12' available as special order. These products are mostly produced by Canply, or APA certified plywood mills. (Please note: special sizes carry a minimum order of 100 sheets and take about 4-5 weeks for delivery.)

Please scan the category listings under the product header above for more specific product information.

Plywood Panel Standard Inventory Items

G1S/G2S D-Fir

Selects CSP/D-Fir
Standard Sheathing CSP/D-Fir
Dee and Cull Grades CSP/D-Fir
Oversized Panels 4x10 to 5x12 D-Fir
MDO/HDO Sign Panels D-Fir
Concrete Formply D-Fir
Overlay Formply D-Fir
Fire Retardent Plywood D-Fir
PWF Plywood Hem/Fir
Marine Grade D-Fir
Underlayment CSP/D-Fir & OFB

Supplier Links

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